Fast transactions

Yellow Token can provide its users an extremely fast block time of just fifteen seconds.

Easy to use

Yellow Token plans to support various OS so users can get started in under five minutes.


Yellow Token will provide private transactions due to Ethereums adaption of zk-SNARKs.


Take action and be part of a healthy and fast growing community.

Fair distribution

All circulating Yellow Token have been distributed in a fair and transparent process.

Safe transactions

Yellow Token uses Ethereuems blockchain to keep all transactions secure.

The Yellow Token journey


As cryptocurrencies have always been driven by their communities, Yellow Token wanted to take this back to the roots. Therefore Yellow Token started off as the first fully community driven project. In November 2017 all Yellow Token have been distributed during an fair and community chosen approach. By now the initial team has left the project. Loyal members of the Yellow family joined forces to revive the idea of Yellow and continue its story.

Token specification

Contract address






Total supply



This is a roadmap of Yellow Tokens short and longterm goals. Archieving them will get us closer to completing our vision - a seamless payment experience, which is fast, private and secure.

To summarise our mission: we want to bring this project back to you – the community. Community driven means, working on a project with passion, even if the original team left. A community has the power to run and keep a project alive. We recognized that a lot of centralization is happening to crypto. Exchanges delist coins without any reason, companies are trying to build monopolies, and much more. Our goal is to run YELLOW completely with the trust of community. We have the power to be a decentralized project over which the community has the power – and not any third party.

Now you certainly say, an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain does not fit with decentralization – correct – so we will do an own hardfork of Ethereum lateron. Everything about this fork will be decided by you: total supply, mining details, distribituion, exchange ratio of tokens to coins, etc. – you choose!

  • Q1 2018

    Community takeover

    The first step to getting the project back on track has been a takeover by some of the most enthusiastic Yellow supporters. After getting in touch with the dev, we have been hand over all the data by him.

  • Q2 2018

    New exchange listings

    During the next step we will get in touch with various exchanges. The goal is to have YEL listed on a bigger exchange so we have a bitcoin-exchange-ratio too.

  • Q2 2018

    Launch of mobile wallets

    We will launch our very own wallets for YEL. This will allow the community to have full control over their YEL-funds.

  • Q3 2018

    Community decision

    The community decides about the policy of the future Yellowpay blockchain ecosystem. Building up the final team for the technical realisation of Yellowpay blockchain.

  • Q4 2018

    Yellowpay Launch

    Initialize the Yellowpay blockchain and tokenswap. Let the yourney begin



Coming soon.


Coming soon.

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